Thursday, May 28, 2015

hand print tree for teacher appreciation week

another fun thing that my co-teacher and i did this semester
was work with the students to create a really awesome surprise for their teacher.

while their teacher was on vacation, my co-teacher and i planned to help the students
surprise their teacher during teacher appreciation week.

the students had a blast with this little project.
and it was so much fun for us as well.

we made a hand print tree and then added some super fun
and cute extra details that really made this project awesome.

i took used brown paper from a roll and painted a tree without leaves

then i added some green paint for grass and painted the words
"thank you miss sheets for helping us grow!"

i brought some paints and paint brushes from home
and had the students paint their hands and place them on the tree
(for the leaves).

we also had the kids sign their names by their hand prints.
my co teacher and i also put our hand prints on there (because, 
the teacher taught us a lot this semester and was such a wonderful mentor teacher to us -
we said she helped us grow too).

then we made flower petals and asked the students to write
one thing that they loved about miss sheets.

their answers were so sweet.

(again, my co teacher and i each wrote something too).

mine said "you are awesome!!"

we glued the petals together and made flowers out of them and attached them to stems
then glued them to the bottom with the grass.

these came out so sweet....i think i loved it more than the tree....but it's a close call ;)

next i took some blue paper and made some clouds
and yellow paper for a sun

we wrote
"happy teacher appreciation week...may 4-8, 2015"
and the room and grade on them.

all the teachers that walked up and down the hall that day commented on how
great it was and how surprised she would be when she came back from vacation
and saw it.

i was actually subbing about a week later when she saw me
and told me how much she appreciated and loved it.

me with our handiwork.

sometimes all it takes to make someone feel appreciated 
is a little smile, a note of thanks, a card, or a sweet (sincere) compliment.

why not make someone's day a little brighter?
i swear it will make you feel a little happier as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

art using recycled newspaper

this art lesson was taught by my co-teacher this semester.

we were discussing earth day with the students.

my co-teacher read them a book about trees and recycling paper to help save trees.
then she handed each of the students a sheet of recycled newspaper.

she requested only that the students make a tree (because we talked about them), after that she said they could use their imaginations.

once they had their pictures cut out and glued to the paper, they colored them with markers.
the cool thing was you could still see the print from the paper through the marker.

each student again showed how creative they were.  they all made trees and then several of them cut out other things, like cars (from the advertisements), a picnic table, etc.

the finished craft was awesome
and perfect for earth day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

earth men (cute earth day craft)

this semester i had the opportunity to work with a great
first grade class.  i was assigned to work with a sweet little girl
who is struggling a bit with her reading skills
(i will share the strategies I used with her in future posts).

while in the classroom, we had certain activities that we had to do for a grade.
one of those activities was called "large group instruction"
which basically meant we had to work with the whole class.

my co-teacher and i decided to do earth day activities because the
assignment was due the same week as earth day.

i'm sharing my activity today
i will share my co-teacher's activity in a different post.

all you need to make these little guys are:

blue circles (about the size of a paper plate)
small white circles (two per man)
small black circles (three per man)
hand and shoe cut outs (found online, but i can't remember where - sorry)
red yarn
black and green construction paper

tear the green construction paper into little bits of scraps and glue them to the blue circle.
glue the white circles and then the small black circles on top of the white circles for eyes
glue another small black circle for the nose.
glue the red yarn for the mouth

next, cut the black construction paper into about one inch wide strips.
fold the strips of black paper in a zigzag, accordion fold.
glue the black strips to the back of the blue circles.
color and cut the hands and shoes
then glue them to the other end of the black strips.

you can leave the black strips unfolded if you like.
you can also leave the hands and shoes white.

this little earth man is one cool dude with a mohawk 'haircut'

this one is a girl with a cute little bow on her head.

this one had its hands on top of its head and was made to look like it was walking on its hands.

a moustache!

a cowboy with a beard.

the possibilities are endless...

these were really fun to make
and the kids had a blast putting their own creativity into them.

we also enjoyed quite a few rounds of earth day bingo.

such a fun day (not only for the kids, but for me and my co-teacher as well).

Saturday, May 09, 2015

paper plates + paint + ziploc bags = butterflies

 Pretty Swirly Butterflies

all you need is:

paper plates
ziploc bags
craft sticks
black construction paper

pick a few shades of paint
and put a dollop or so on the paper plate

then put the paper plate into a storage size ziploc bag

have the kids spread or "finger" paint the plate.
all the fun, without the huge mess.

for a bonus, kids can practice writing their letters in the paint as they mix the colors together.
try not to smear the colors all together - the paint will turn brown and not be as colorful.

take the plate out of the bag and set it aside to dry.

you should use a different bag per plate.

using black construction paper, trace and cut some bodies.

when the paint dries

cut the paper plates into cute butterfly shapes.

glue on the body

also glue a craft stick to the back of the butterfly

i recently made these with a pre - k class that i was subbing.

the kids loved them

and the butterflies came out super cute!

you can use this same method with a multitude of crafts.

it was so much fun
(i even made one)

Thursday, May 07, 2015

did ya miss me?

i'm back.....

i'm finally done with the semester.
most of it was fun, but it was
long and a lot of work.

i had to write numerous lesson plans,
raise a virtual child (for my psych class),
write papers - tons and tons of papers,
do field work (which means going to
elementary schools and working with children),
and so much more.

it kept me quite busy.

and if that wasn't enough...i still worked as a sub
with head start and pre - k counts.

and run my kids here, there, and everywhere

there were days when i felt like i never sat down.
i think i read so much that my eyes would pop out of my head.

but you know much as i love complaining
and being overly dramatic -
i truly did love it all.

it wasn't easy, but it's been worth it.

and here's little look of what we've been up to....

i was awarded as a presidential scholar for my academic success
see all that hard work did pay off - hehehe. 

my motley crew....who cheered for me - literally - as i walked across the stage
to accept my award.

"go mommy!"

then it was zach and sarah's turn to shine....
they were inducted into the national honor society.

proud momma moment

not to be left out...
nicholas and nathan both won first place trophies for playing darts.

me teaching first times!

nathan started playing baseball again.

oh yeah, i almost forgot....
i turned 43 {gulp}

 the hubs bought me these beauties

and these too.

i think nathan pretty much sums it all up.

until next time!

* can keep up with my family via instagram  @charlenejuliani

Sunday, March 29, 2015

sharing a few cute books....

A Pet for Fly Guy
by Tedd Arnold

"A boy had a pet fly.  He named him Fly Guy."

Buzz loves his pet fly.  He loves spending time with him.  
He loves him so much that he thinks
it's time for his friend to have a pet of his very own.
And so begins the search for the perfect pet for Fly Guy.

They visit the pet store and come out with a cute puppy.
The little puppy was so happy that he licked Fly Guy.

So they tried a kitten, a frog and a worm.
The kitten swatted at Fly Guy.
The frog chased Fly Guy
and the worm was just too slimy for Fly Guy.

So they tried a spider, but it was too tangly.
Next they tried a cricket, but it was too jumpy.

Just as they were about to give up....Fly Guy decided the perfect pet for him
was his very best friend - Buzz.

This was a cute little tale about friendship for little readers.

Scary Mary
by Paula Bowles

Scary Mary rules the barnyard.
She chases away all the other animals, keeps the food all to herself,
builds forts to keep the others away and makes scary faces.

She thinks the best thing is to just be all alone.
But, she soon realizes just how lonely it can be, without any friends.
Being scary, isn't such a great idea after all.

Scary Mary is a perfect book to teach little ones about bullying
and that it's much more pleasant to be a friend than to be
all alone and scary.

Blame it on the Big Blue Panda!
by Claire Freedman

Little Pandy is one naughty little bear.
He loves mischief, but never wants to accept the blame.

In fact, he claims that all the bad things that happen aren't his fault at all.
It's actually Big Blue Panda that is causing such a ruckus.

Mama Bear is not fooled and comes up with a clever plan
that keeps Pandy on his best behavior.

Will his good behavior last? Or will the Big Blue Panda make another appearance?

Blame in on the Big Blue Panda is a great book to help explain to children
that it is best just to admit their wrongdoings, than to blame it on others.

by Catherine Rayner

Abigail loves to count.  She wants to count everything, it's her favorite thing to do.
She tries to count the spots on the ladybug, the stripes on zebra, the leaves on the tree
and the spots on cheetah.  The animals won't stay still long enough for her to count them
and someone keeps eating all the leaves.

The animals decide to help Abigail by taking her to a field of flowers.
but by then it's too dark to count them.

Abigail finds the perfect thing to count at night - the stars! 

This is a count book for little ones to read.  I think the moral could be summed up by saying
never give up on something that you love doing, no matter how many things get in the way.

*Disclosure ~ The books Scary Mary and Abigail were given to me by Tiger Tales for review purposes only.  The opinions herein are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Storm Fest - Carnegie Science Center

A few weeks ago, we went to the
Storm Fest
at Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA

The Storm Fest was presented in partnership with California University of PA.

Not only did we get to enjoy the everyday exhibits of the Science Center,
but we also got to participate in lots of fun weather related activities.

Nathan made several weather related crafts

a lava bottle

a rain stick


a wind sock

He learned what type of tent would best protect him in different elements

He learned how to make a homemade thermometer

a cloud

and did a cupcake core sampling

a weather map

paper snowflake

He made a rock

and many more fun weather activities.

We also watched a show by the "Weather Dude" Nick Walker of The Weather Channel.

Nathan's name was pulled from the hat and he won a song book and CD by Nick Walker.

He also got his autograph and picture taken with him.

Then, we checked out an old retired submarine....


We topped off the trip with a stop at the Sports Work Center, where Nathan tried out a bunch of fun games and we took a ride through the human body.

It was a super fun day.