Monday, September 24, 2007

Nicholas the Kindergartener

Nicholas is doing really well so far in school. Getting along, making friends, learning lots of new things. He has a teacher and a teacher's helper. The teacher's helper is a friend of mine and neighbor. So she gives me little details every now and then. Like Nicholas is very helper, he holds the door open for everyone to pass through, if someone drops something on the floor, Nicholas will bend and get it, he sits still and listens during story time, etc. So I'm really proud of my little man. I miss him like crazy while he's a school.

The other day he came home from school with a huge smile on his face. He proudly told me that he used his allowance money at school to buy an ice-cream bar. I asked him if he liked the ice-cream bar. He told me that he didn't eat it yet (uh oh!) and that he brought it home in his lunch box (that box is insulated, what are the chances?) So I quickly grabbed the lunch box out of his back pack. And looked inside. There was nothing more than a stick and wrapper, and some melted chocolate in the bottom of the bag. I felt really bad for him and I told him it was melted. He said oh well (awwww), like it was nothing. I'm not sure if he was even disappointed. I think he just thought he was a cool, big kid for buying something by himself. I think I was more disappointed than he was. I told him I'd give him another dollar so he could buy another one tomorrow, but that he had to eat it as soon as he bought this time.

So my little man is getting along, making friends and learning lots of new things...
And growing up!!
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