Saturday, September 13, 2008

Health Issues - Updated

My ultrasound tests came back, there isn't any tumors or nodules (Thank God!) but my thyroid is enlarged. It has been for years, from not taking the medicine. I will have to see a specialist in the coming weeks. I'm not sure what the treatment will be (radiation therapy, take pills, or surgery) but, at least it's not cancer.

I did find out a few things at my doctor appointment though. I don't have COPD afterall, my asthma is just really, really bad. I asked him if I lost weight would the asthma go away, and he said probably not. He said in some cases it would, but not mine, it's pretty severe.

The weight gain (and not being able to lose it without alot of effort) is because there is steroids in the medicine I'm taking for my asthma. Little lightbulbs went off in my head that day, I'm telling you.

There you have it, mostly good news. Once I see the specialist, I'll post about the treatment. Thanks for all the advice, concern, thoughts and prayers. It was and is greatly appreciated!!
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