Thursday, October 02, 2008

Who hid the remote?

Everytime I go to work and come home the remote control is missing! Without fail....every.single.time.

We have six televisions in our house. Each of the kids rooms (they are doubled up in bedrooms; girls, boys, boys) has a tv, the familyroom has a tv, the living room has the big screen and Rich and I have a plasma tv that hangs on our sitting room wall. Most of the time, the kids end up in the living room watching the big screen.

When we first got the tv (about 4 years ago, when we moved into this house), it came with a super duper remote. That thing flipped opened and had controls for a dvd player, controls to change the screen (wide, movie, normal, etc.) and a lot of other cool features.

Of course the kids broke it and it costs $50 to replace.

Yeah that ain't happening!

So the remote to the tv is broken. However, we have cable. The living room has a cable box with all the channels (which is why the kids want to watch tv in there), and our tv has a dvr system (if you aren't up on your cable lingo - this system is wicked! You can record tv programs, and pause the tv program if you need a potty break and then come back and hit play and continue watching your show - right where you left off. No more missing things. The rest of the televisions in the house just have basic cable (2 - 70 channels or something like that).

The cable boxes in the living room and the master suite come with remotes. The living room remote is always missing - Always! I swear the kids hide it from each other, thinking that if they hold the remote, they can control the tv. It's insane! I went to work today with the remote sitting on top of the tv. And I came home and its gone....

I think from now on when I have to leave for work, I'm going to hide the remote! That way when I get home I'll know exactly where it is!!

Remote, remote, come out , come out where ever you are.........
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