Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rude Attitude

So, I had to run to the grocery store this morning after the big kids went to school. I decided just to run to the closest one. We have two grocery stores in our little town, a Giant Eagle which is where I prefer to shop and a Shop and Save. I only go to the Shop and Save when I don't feel like driving the extra five minutes to get to Giant Eagle. This last year I have been very disappointed with Shop and Save. They have food that's out of date and sometimes there are rude cashiers.

Maybe I'm spoiled, but I like to have the cashier, not only check out my groceries, but place the bag in the cart. I mean afterall, I did just shop through your store, and load everything onto the conveyer belt myself, is it really too much to ask that they take the bag they are already holding and put it in the cart. Apparently it is at Shop and Save. And not only that a little "thank you, have a nice day" wouldn't hurt anyone either. Why doesn't anyone say that anymore?
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