Wednesday, May 08, 2013

No.....I didn't fall off the face of the Earth.

I have been super busy with school....writing a crap ton of papers, reading novel after novel and chapter after chapter, taking quizzes, finals and giving presentations.
This has probably been one of the most grueling things I have ever put myself through, but when I get that piece of paper at the end that said I did it....It will all be worth it.
I am grateful to my family for putting up with me through all this....let's just say all this stress hasn't made me the *ahem* nicest person to live with - and leave it at that.
Baseball season has begun and the little boys are having a blast.  You know I'll be sharing pics soon :)
And Zach was inducted into the Jr High National Honor Society....Sarah is already in it.  Zach would have been too, but he didn't turn his paper in on time last year, so he had to wait until they did it again.
Also, I'm getting back on track with my dieting....we all know that my "sponsored" time with Nutrisystem ended, it hasn't been super easy, I was really used to the convenience factor of having my meals all portioned and planned out and really just opening the cupboard and grabbing something and tossing it in the took a lot of the guess work out of measuring and portion and all that, but I did learn a lot and it did help me when I went off, but it was a stressful time when I went off of it and well......
here's the story,
It's been a few weeks since I went off Nutrisystem.  I can't say it's been all roses and sunshine, I did gain a wee bit of weight back....Nothing Major.  less than 5 pounds
I think I psyched myself out about stopping and I've been under a great deal of stress with the semester coming to an end, so with that and hormonal issues....5 pounds isn't much - however,
if you have ever dieted before, you know how scary it is to see the scale start moving in the other direction....which only adds to the stress.
So, Last week, I pretty much begged Rich to let me go back on Nutrisystem and get some more of the weight off.....YES, I know that I will have to learn to do this on my own, eventually...which I am.
(Please don't send me a bunch of emails saying that I need to learn to do this on my own - I'm not stupid, I know that.  Negative comments right now will only make the stress worse).
I also know that with all the stress I was under - I was only making things why put myself through all that???
It's just a temporary thing anyway.
The good thing is though after a week...I'm down 3 pounds.  And I'm slowly getting back into a routine of sorts with exercising.  And school is almost over, which will take a HUGE amount of stress off, it's all good.
I know it take a while to get myself in check and all balanced out, but I'll get there.
So this is Part Two of my weight loss journey.
It will include Nutrisystem (for a little while) and of course exercise (trying strength training and other new things).  If you have been following my journey, I'm back to sharing my weekly posts, if for nothing else, but to keep myself in check.
You can read more of my journey on my weight loss journey page
My Stats
05/01/13 - 149 (new starting weight)
05/08/13 - 146 (week two)

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Hannah White said...

Glad you are only crazy busy and not sick or something! I sure do miss your link up though!