Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Easy Dragonfly Craft

Today's craft was inspired by some dragonflies that we saw flying around a small pond.
Wow, were they ever so gorgeous!
Here is our version of dragonflies....
for this craft all you need is some beads, pipe cleaners and google eyes
Take one whole pipe cleaner and bend it in half leaving a small hole at the top for the head
then take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half and loop one half close to the head and another one a little farther down.
next thread beads onto the pipe cleaner can make it even fancier if you want by using beads for the body and tail too.
glue some google eyes to the head and you are done.
It was so fun that I made some too. 
Oh and Rich just told us we should have made some loops for the there is another variation you could try if you like, just don't cut the wing part in half to make it longer for a loopy wing.
like this...
only with beads all around the loops...pretty!

See, I told you it was super easy!
And stinking cute too.
here was our inspiration...

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