Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Stamps

We have been working with apples a lot lately....
fall crafting is fun and the possibilities are endless.
I'm not sure if it's the nature, or the gorgeous colors, or the smells, or the cool weather that is so inspiring, but I just really love crafting with the kids in the fall.
We took some apples and cut them in half - some long ways so it looks more like an apple shape when you stamp with it and some in half sideways to show the star shape that is inside.
and then Nathan went to town.
he used light green, dark green, red and yellow paint.
he snacked on cut up apples while he worked on his masterpieces.

stamping with food and other things found in nature is a lot of fun...what would you use as a stamp?

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Unknown said...

Bell pepper and carrot stamps are great :) If you have a good variety of apples you can also try having an Apple Tasting Picnic, yummy and a great way to explore language (tart, sweet, mealy, juicy, etc...)