Wednesday, November 27, 2013

turkey day + science fun = cool project

As you all know by now, I am a college student.  My major is early childhood education (pre-k through 4th grade).  This semester, one of my courses is a field experience class.  I was assigned a mentor teacher and classroom to observe for 30 hours.  I loved every minute of it.
I got to observe an awesome teacher in a third grade classroom. 
While I was observing the class they were learning about fingerprinting, rubbing and wicking in science class.   They did a lot of cool projects.  They played a fun fingerprinting clue game, rubbed various objects like lace, leaves and other neat things and they also did a really neat wicking project, which I will blog about one day when me and the boys do it. 
To celebrate Thanksgiving and to tie in all their lessons, the teacher came up with this cool turkey project.  She had a body of a turkey printout that she had the kids rub while coloring the body.  It was fun seeing what they chose to rub...most of them chose to use their chairs, while others used the bottom of their shoes, the side of a basket and even the air conditioner/heating vent.
Next, she used a red ink pad and had the students stamp their fingerprints on the turkey as the gobbler.  The children wrote down the words "rubbing", "wicking" or "fingerprinting" on their turkeys.
Then, she had them color a few lines on some coffee filters and the kids used water droppers to make the colors wick together in a super cool design.
And the final result were these really beautiful, colorful, fun turkeys.
What an awesome way to tie in all those cool science lessons!!
I'm going to miss 'my' kids now that my observations are finished....luckily I get to do it all over again next semester - only this time I will be observing a preschool class.
May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving full of family, joy and food
from our family to yours.

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