Monday, April 24, 2017

down 2 more pounds

I'm so excited
I lost two more pounds!!

I have about three more weeks left of this semester
and then I will graduate - woohooo!

Because it is the end of the semester
and I am graduating, it has been super busy here.

I have been updating my resume, requesting recommendation letters from my professors,
finishing up the last of my course assignments, studying for finals....the list is endless
or it certainly feels that way.

It's been a little difficult balancing everything - plus my diet, but I'm trying.
It's a process...I know everyone says that, but it's true.

While it feels and seems like I gained weight rather quickly, it didn't exactly happen overnight.
So, losing all the weight won't happen overnight either.  Sometimes it's difficult to be patient.
Everyone wants and loves to see results - and in the fast paced, automatic everything world we live in
we expect the weight to just fall off too.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen that way.

You have to be patient with your body.  Let the diet and exercise do it's work.
In due time, you will start seeing results.
Soon enough you will have friends commenting on how much weight you lost...they will notice all that hard work when the time comes.

In the meantime...
Drink that water
Walk those 30 minutes
Eat your veggies
Enjoy the delicious food that fuels your body.

Starting weight -  Jan. 16, 2017 ---  212
                             Jan. 23, 2017 ---  207
                             Jan. 30, 2017 ---  208
                              Feb. 06, 2017 --- 207
                              Feb. 13, 2017 --- 206
                              Feb. 20, 2017 --- 204
                              Mar. 08, 2017 --- 204
                             Mar. 29, 2017 --- 202
                           Apr. 24, 2017 --- 200

**Disclosure ~ I will be receiving access to the website and food in exchange for reviewing the diet plan.  All opinions herein are my own and not influenced by Nutrisystem.   #ad #sponsored

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