Friday, July 21, 2006

Finally....Results (and hopefully more to come)!!

I have been struggling with my weight for years. Even when I wore a size 5 and weighed 115, I still battled with it. After having my children, I not only kept the weight on, I gained more weight on top of it. I ballooned up to 205 pounds about 6 years ago and it was frightening (I am only 5'2", so you can imagine how awful I looked, plus other major factors included my father having juvenile diabetes and my mother having high blood pressure, among other things). I managed to lose about 40 pounds, but then got pregnant again and gained it all back. I then went on to have one last baby and now I am trying to lose all this weight once and for all. Back in February, I started at 198, lost a few pounds, and stuck.

About a month ago we went to a birthday party and in the thank you card that they sent they also included some pictures. I saw one of myself and I broke down and cried. I looked hideous!! Like a huge blob of fat! I was so disgusted by what I saw. Add to that, a week ago, I went to a bridal shower and my sister was there too. She used to be heavy as well. But she looked fantastic. She lost a huge amount of weight. I was so upset that when I got home, I sobbed. Then I realized that I could feel sorry for myself, or I could do something about it.

On Sunday, July 16, I weighed myself in the morning. The scale said 190. I thought I would try the South Beach Diet, since I had done it once before and lost about 10 pounds (gained it back when I got pregnant). That very morning I started and in these last few days, I went from 190 to 182 (what I weighed in at today). So something is finally working. I only hope I can keep it going!

I will share some before and after (or during) pictures later. Our scanner/printer is broken. I really hope that things will turn around. I am experiencing all sorts of health problem based on the fact that I am overweight. I have asthma, copd, depression, and a few other things. I think that if I can lose a significant amount of weight that some of the health problems will heal on their own. How nice would it be to walk up a flight of stairs and not get short of breath?!

Now I just need some motivation to start exercising!!
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