Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heeeeee's Baaaaaaccck!

Do you ever feel that way towards one of your kids' friends?

I have, this very summer in fact.

Don't get me wrong, on a normal day, I wouldn't mind it. But it's EVERY, SINGLE, DAMN DAY! At first it was nice, because the little boys love when people come over, especially someone that will play with them. But, now that it's been happening everyday, it is driving me absolutely mad.

Have you ever seen Everybody Loves Raymond? You know how Deborah feels about her mother in law, how she is constantly coming over and on one episode they were trying to hide from Marie, but she peeked in the windows and stuff and tried the doors and one of them was unlocked and they couldn't get to it in time to lock it. Is that Everybody Loves Raymond that I'm thinking of, or a different show? Anyway, she figures out that they are home and now they are stuck dealing with her. Yep, that's how I feel lately with this kid.

See, we used to be neighbors and the kids would play together everyday and it was nice. Then, they moved and the kids grew up and the friend had a girlfriend and he stopped coming around. Well, his girlfriend broke up with him and now, he's he comes to our house....EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!

Like I said, at first it was kind of nice. It gave the kids someone new to play with, even though he's Amanda and Anthony's age. But now that he is coming every day and making himself at home and I'm feeding him at least one meal a day.....yeah, it's getting annoying. He's even starting bossing the younger kids around like an older sibling and it makes me mad. You don't get to come here and boss my kids around (they have older siblings for that lol). And you don't get to belittle them by saying things like, "get away from me, you're disgusting" while sitting at my kitchen table, eating my food.

I have enough of my own kids.....I don't need another one that I have to police all day and make sure they aren't picking on the little ones.

So everyday, when I hear the proverbial knocking on the door.....and then ringing of the doorbell...and then knocking on the door again.....ringing the doorbell....and then standing at the back door looking at me through the glass.....I start to feel like - great, here we go again. Can't wait to see how long it takes before I'm wishing he would just go home. Or counting down the hours until 8 p.m. when I make him go home because it's getting late. Maybe I should call his girlfriend and beg her to take him back......or, maybe, just maybe this is why she broke up with him in the first place, eh?

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Unknown said...

aww wonder if his mom reads your blog? hahah