Wednesday, May 20, 2015

earth men (cute earth day craft)

this semester i had the opportunity to work with a great
first grade class.  i was assigned to work with a sweet little girl
who is struggling a bit with her reading skills
(i will share the strategies I used with her in future posts).

while in the classroom, we had certain activities that we had to do for a grade.
one of those activities was called "large group instruction"
which basically meant we had to work with the whole class.

my co-teacher and i decided to do earth day activities because the
assignment was due the same week as earth day.

i'm sharing my activity today
i will share my co-teacher's activity in a different post.

all you need to make these little guys are:

blue circles (about the size of a paper plate)
small white circles (two per man)
small black circles (three per man)
hand and shoe cut outs (found online, but i can't remember where - sorry)
red yarn
black and green construction paper

tear the green construction paper into little bits of scraps and glue them to the blue circle.
glue the white circles and then the small black circles on top of the white circles for eyes
glue another small black circle for the nose.
glue the red yarn for the mouth

next, cut the black construction paper into about one inch wide strips.
fold the strips of black paper in a zigzag, accordion fold.
glue the black strips to the back of the blue circles.
color and cut the hands and shoes
then glue them to the other end of the black strips.

you can leave the black strips unfolded if you like.
you can also leave the hands and shoes white.

this little earth man is one cool dude with a mohawk 'haircut'

this one is a girl with a cute little bow on her head.

this one had its hands on top of its head and was made to look like it was walking on its hands.

a moustache!

a cowboy with a beard.

the possibilities are endless...

these were really fun to make
and the kids had a blast putting their own creativity into them.

we also enjoyed quite a few rounds of earth day bingo.

such a fun day (not only for the kids, but for me and my co-teacher as well).

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