Friday, August 21, 2009

Jealous Much?

I really should stop getting on Facebook. I'm not only addicted to it, AGAIN. But, reading all of my friends' status things is starting to make me feel jealous. I'm jealous of the vacations they are going on and feel wistful looking at the pictures of all these beaches and mountains. I'm jealous that they go out on weekends and plan all these big blow out parties. I'm jealous that they cook these amazing meals. I'm jealous of the activities that they do with their children. It's getting to be a bit too much. I realize that some of it might be lies, and that not everyone is doing these things. I also know that I'm incredibly lucky for the blessings that I do have. But when I'm constantly reading these things it makes me wish or want for more. I don't know, I guess I'm weird or something.

I would quit FB all together, but I'm addicted to the games that I play on there. They are really stupid, dumb games, but I can't help myself....I NEED to feed my pet and buy it clothes and things. And I NEED to tend to my farm and plants and buy stuff for it like houses, flowers, lawnmowers, wood piles, silos and barns. I NEED to do my mafia jobs and earn as much money as I can so I can buy more stuff and guns, and properties. I NEED to get on YoVille and feed my character and buy her clothes and houses and furniture for the houses. I NEED to collect the most flowers for my Lil Green Patch and I NEED to collect as many flair buttons for my bulletin board as I can fit on the thing. And I really do like reconnecting with my relatives and old classmates and friends. Some of those people I haven't seen in 20 plus years, it is kind of cool seeing what happened to them.

But, I could, if I tried, spend all day long on there doing all those things and then nothing...absolutely nothing would get done in my house. And my kids would feel neglected and my husband would be upset and my real pets would starve. I guess I'll just have to take it all in stride if I read someone's status and they are jet setting for Europe on a private plane and remember that I am exactly where I want to be - HOME with my husband and family. Doing exactly what I wanted, which is making sure my family is taken care of and that they feel well loved. And try not to worry so much about all the other STUFF.


momto5minnies said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

I too am on FB and nearly everyday (lately) I say that I am just going to get rid of it. I don't do the games, but comment and post pictures. Lately the drama and negative comments from "friends" is what I feel I just don't want to read. However, I do like keeping up with some people. Maybe some day I will decide what to do with FB.

Kelly said...

good post, i'm totally addicted to facebook lately too. just reading people's status' though, i haven't been playing any games b/c that would be the end of any housework! :) I've been trying to set limits on my computer time though b/c i felt like i was on it too much, and nathan is great about reminding me of this since he says no, shut puter whenever i get on my laptop!