Friday, October 23, 2009

One hard job down....

Well, we got all of the border down in the older boys room. I did over half of it and then decided to start working on another room. Anthony got mad at me when I told him he could finish it. In my defense, they really didn't have that much left to do (and the other room was floor to ceiling wallpaper) and he hadn't helped do any of it, he basically just sat there watching me do it. Hey, it's your room buddy, I'm thinking it won't kill you to scrub some wallpaper border off the wall.

Now it just needs to be painted and maybe have the carpet replaced at some point.

Here is the other room so far....three of the walls just had one layer of wallpaper and it came off rather easily.

Then I got to the fourth wall which had another layer under it, which has been a pain in my side getting off. Luckily the girls are eager to get into their new room so they have been helping out by stripping the paper, scrubbing down the walls and painting the trim. It's coming along, just need to move a little faster.

I feel relieved to some degree that things are finally coming together in this house. It's been 5 years since we've moved here and the kids have been beating this poor house to death. But it's starting to shape up again and that makes me feel better.
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