Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shaking my head at the Stupidity

Big boys room - Before

I have been stripping wallpaper in the kids' bedrooms. When we moved into this house, every room - I mean EVERY room had wallpaper in it. There are two different patterns in the upstairs bathroom and kitchen alone. Then there is an accent wall in the living room that has - yep, you guessed it - Wallpaper!

Not that I'm against wallpaper or anything, but the WHOLE house. I'm sure if the woman had thought about it, there would have been wallpaper on the floor. Every house we have moved in to has had either wallpaper or paneling in it (well except for the apartments). Now, we did wallpaper over the paneling in our old house (like I said, I'm not against it - to a certain extent). We even had one house where the former owners used contact paper on the outside of the kitchen cabinets.

I'm in the process of switching rooms around and re-doing things and so I've decided to paint the new rooms for the kids, because I don't think the little boys are going to want to be in a room with little purple flowers on the wall (again wallpapered by old lady/former owner). And most of this wallpaper looks old and out of date. The wallpaper in our (Me and Rich) old room really looked old, it was yellow in color, but it was supposed to be blue flowers on white paper.

So, as I'm stripping this old smelly wallpaper (and giving myself asthma attack after attack), I'm finding really odd, stupid things. Like, in the corners of the big boys room the border was nailed to the wall. Nailed in place, I guess the glue wasn't sticking there, so they decided what the hell let's nail it there (?!?!) And what's worse as I'm scrubbing/stripping another corner, I'm seeing nail heads popping out of the dry wall. And instead of fixing the holes, they put white tape over the hole and then painted the tape (?!?!) Who does that crap???

Getting it off slowly....

A pain in the butt to do, but it'll be worth it.
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