Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eight for Dinner

Last night, I went out to finish my Thanksgiving Day dinner shopping. We always just celebrate with our, hubby and the kids...which is plenty, I know there are some people who have dinner for eight people with relatives included. It's sort of funny that our eight is just our family.

Anyway - after I made my list of everything I needed, minus the turkey (which I got free from work - a 13 pounder) and the potatoes (I had gotten them on a previous trip), I ended up spending ------

Are you ready for this???

70 Dollars!!! For just eight people!!

And that was after I used the store discounts and coupons I had. Man, I'm thankful that I had the money to spend. I'm grateful that Rich thought it was crazy, but didn't really complain. And I'm thankful that I get to make a great dinner, albeit an expensive one. Can't wait to get started cooking and baking everything! I hope it's worth it!


Kristy K said...

But just think... you'd spend way more than that if you went to a restaurant, and you wouldn't even get pumpkin cheesecake!

Happy Thanksgiving!

CynthiaK said...

To repeat Kristy K above, yes! Just think if you'd gone out to eat! I think you're doing great if you spent $70 on such a fantastic sounding meal to feed eight people.

Hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful time. We already had ours up here in Canada last month so we're all just envying the turkeyfest down there in the US now! :)