Saturday, November 07, 2009

Scary Stories (even though Halloween is over)

For some reason I forgot I wanted to share my scary stories with ya'll during the Halloween season. I'm a week late, but who cares.

We first moved into this house five years ago, Nicholas was 3. They say that little ones can see ghosts and things like that, because they are more intuned to it, or some such thing. The former owner's names were Howard and Clara. Apparently Howard had another name too, but he went by Howard or Howie to his friends (from the stories that I heard). Howie passed away (not sure if it was in the house or not), and Clara decided that the house was too much for her to take care of and so she sold it to us.

At any rate, I was changing Nicholas on the floor one day shortly after we moved in. Nicholas was starting at the ceiling and suddenly said "Hi Howie", plain as day. He even waved. I had chills run down my spine.

A few days later, we started noticing that our tv (in our bedroom) would turn on or off by itself. No one would be in the room and it would be on. And if you turned it off, it would turn back on. Rich also started noticing a strange shadowy figure at night that would stand in front of our closet (like they were trying to decide what to wear). I never saw that, so I can't really comment on it. This went on for a few months. Then one night Rich got mad because the tv came on in the middle of the night and he said "Howie, this is my house now. You don't live here anymore, because you're dead."

We haven't noticed anything weird ever since. Freaky huh?


Lindsey said...

Yup, that's def. freaky!!! *shivers*

Corrie Howe said...

That's funny. "Howie, you don't live here anymore because you're dead."

Guess he was told!

Anonymous said...
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