Monday, November 02, 2009

I have a confession to make....

I'm afraid to do the laundry.....

Not because I look at it and think "how in the world am I ever gonna get caught up on all these clothes"

Not because the kids use a blanket one time and decide it's dirty, so they leave it at the bottom of the pile (there are 6 blankets that I could see and count, I'm sure there are more).

Not because I know I will run out of detergent really soon and have to make a trip to the store when I look like utter crap (not even a ball cap can hide the shabbles and taggles that other people call hair).

Not because I have to work this afternoon, and think to myself I'll never get all this done this morning so why bother even trying.

Not because our laundry room is downstairs and I hate having to run up and down the stairs with baskets of clothes.

Not because I hate putting laundry away.

But the REAL reason I hate doing the laundry right now (especially this time of year) is because there are SPIDERS down there. BIG, HUGE WOLF SPIDERS that like to HIDE IN THE DIRTY CLOTHES, because they are trying to get warm and clothes are nice and warm, even on a hard cement floor. I HATE having to reach my hands in there to pick up those clothes for fear a GREAT BIG SPIDER will JUMP out at me. And for all those who are thinking spiders can't jump - they do in this house. I swear they have little sensors in them too. Like with the one that was just sitting in the middle of the floor {{{waiting for my heart to start beating again, after it jumped out of my chest when I saw the spider}}} that when I went to step on it, started to jump around and crawl all over the place while I kept stomping around, having mini heart attacks while chasing it.

If I don't face my fear soon, I'll have to buy new underwear for everyone, since we're all running dangerously low :) So, now you know where to look, when I come up missing later LOL!
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