Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Little Birdie Flew From The Nest

Amanda is all packed up and moved into her new dorm room...ready for the "real" world to begin.  I think Rich put it best when he posted this on her facebook page - "Hold on tight pumpkin head, your life is about to begin, just remember you have a family who loves you, and God will be there to protect you when I'm not'.

I've been pushing this post to the back of my head for days now....Damn these kids for going and growing up on us.   If we did our job right, then she will be fine.  But a parent never stops worrying, the job is never done.  I pray that God watches over her, keeps her safe and helps her make the right choices, decisions and may the consequences of any mistakes she may make not be too harsh. 

We went shopping the other night to finish up any odds and ends she may need.  She actually did a pretty good job of getting everything else on her own, she even used alot of her own money to purchase things for her new room.  On the way we chatted and I snapped a pic or two and she said "Mom, please don't make me cry." 

Only a mom of a college freshman would cry over a stack of towels.

I think I did remarkably well myself and didn't shed any tears when we moved all her things.....of course, I've been teary eyed over the last few weeks anyway (maybe I'm all cried out?).  As for all the walking we did...well that just about killed me LOL!

We moved her things and then went home to rest and got a call for Anthony about a job.  I swear the kids have plotted against me...if it wasn't enough to help Amanda pack up and move, then Anthony had to go and get his FIRST job!   Yep, he's a working man now - busing tables at a local golf club/restaurant.

Later, after dropping off Anthony at HIS FIRST JOB (can't say that enough, I'm so shocked by it), I took Sarah, Nicholas and Nathan to visit with Amanda.  The kids wanted to see her new "house" and where she was going to live.

Girl.......has lots of unpacking to do.

Time to say goodnight or goodbye rather.

These two are really going to miss each other....

Fly away little Birdie...but don't forget who loves ya best !


Tys said...

Aw Char! I didn't think I had any tears left in me this last month... but I definitely got a lump in my throat and a tear was shed reading this. good luck Amanda!!

Emmy said...

Oh this made me want to cry- I can't imagine what you are feeling. But really it's not like you really want her to be home still- as by her going shows she is successful and you are too

Kisma said...

Congrats!!!! What a great way to start the year off! Here is to a wonderful year!

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