Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Joys Of Christmas

The gifts are unwrapped and all over the floor, the kids are winding down from their sugar highs, and Mom and Dad are exhausted!

Seriously, I fell asleep around 5 or so, got up around 9 and then fell asleep again around 11. Rich did basically the same thing. Thankfully Amanda helped out and watched her younger siblings. They were all busy playing with their new toys to pay much attention to the fact the mom and dad were beat.

They had a good time, and nice Christmas, at least I think so anyway. They all made out like bandits. Amanda and Anthony each got laptops and cell phones, and accessories for both things. They each got PJs, slippers, gloves, candy, etc. Amanda got two cds, make-up, and much more. Anthony got a Rubik's cube (he wanted it), 2 Harry Potter DVDs, and other stuff.

The younger kids all got PJs, undies and socks. They got a computer to share.

Sarah got a Nintendo DS, and games to go with it, 3 cds, a DVD, lip gloss, easy bake mixes, etc. Zachary got a Nintendo DS, and games to go with it, DVD, a bunch of Army guys, bioncles, Magnetix and other stuff.

Nicholas got a VSmile book thing for it, 2 books to go with it, a VSmile controller VSmile games, a Pirate of the Caribbean Pirate Ship, Pirates to play with, Magnetix, 4 DVDs, Leap pad books etc.

Nathan got clothes, Meganetix, Little People Police Car, Little plastic Hot Wheels (by Fisher Price?), a car carrier for his little car thing, a race track thing for his little car things, and other things.

Both little boys got Geo Track stuff (road and a new controller), new cars, other things to share.

They all got Playdough, coloring books, crayons, construction paper, games, and just a bunch of junk.

I got Rich a new pair of PJs, and a razor kit thing, he got me, new slippers and gloves. We decided not to do much for us, since we did it big for the kids. We took lots of pictures and I think we all had a nice time.
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