Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

Someone blessed me with a random act of kindness! Took me by surprise.

I had to return Nicholas' new winter coat, because the zipper got stuck and I couldn't fix it. They ended up giving me a new coat. But that wasn't the act of kindness. That came after. I was standing in line at the store waiting my turn when I mentioned that my lips were sore and chapped. I was just talking out loud, you know making conversation.

The lady in front of me said, yeah that's why a keep a tube of chapstick in my purse.

I said yeah I do too, but one of my kids must of ran off with it cause I can't find it.

She said, her kids would of too, but she hid it in her purse.

So I get the new coat and I'm looking around at other things for Christmas, when this lady came up behind me and handed me a tube of Avon chapstick and said Merry Christmas.

I said where did this come from.

And she said out there and pointed at the Avon stand in the mall.

I said are you serious?

And she said yes, I know what chapped lips feel like and it hurts. So Merry Christmas and then she took off while I was saying Thank you, thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you too.

How neat was that?!

I was feeling alittle blue lately and I told Rich I was hating Christmas. He said I hate Christmas too. And I said you only deal with it for me don't you. And he said yep! So between what Rich said and then that lady appeared and I'm filled with joy. I think that was God sticking his nose in. He does that on occassion But I really needed it, not only because my lips hurt, but because my spirit was hurting too.
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