Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh brother!

Oh my, so the past few nights Rich has had trouble sleeping (or should I say not sleeping, at all). He claims he is totally fine, he took cat naps, etc. You know that typical man thing, I'm okay, leave me alone. Well, he decided he would go to the mall and get some things. I know, I know!! I couldn't stop him, I wasn't home when he left. It had been raining pretty bad, down pours, flash floods, etc. He was taking a short cut road, which everyone takes because it cuts off some mileage but it's very curvy. It also goes through some woods so there are always deer and other animals that run across the road.

So anyway, he said he came around a curve and saw three deer in the middle of the road, nothing was coming the other way, so he swerved to miss the deer and hit the water on the road, temporarily lost control and hit the guardrail. Scratched the hell out of the car too, all down the side. He said he wasn't hurt, but he was holding his side a little bit. He's so stubborn he would never admit he was hurt.

He was pissed about his car. And so frustrated that he couldn't sleep again the next night, or the next. He went 4 or 5 days without much sleep and he was driving me nuts! He was walking around muttering to himself. Talking about nonsense when he wasn't talking to himself. Doing really stupid, off the wall stuff. Like last night (I stayed awake all night, myself trying to get him to go to bed), he came charging out of the room with a ladder. The ladder was in there because he was fixing some dry wall. At any rate, he comes charging out of the room with this ladder. And says, I need to fix that thing right now. I was standing there, staring at him in a amazement, kind of like what the hell are you doing. I said you are not going to get up on a ladder when you can barely stand up. He just looked at me all weird and said, I wasn't going to stand on the ladder and then looks at the ladder still in his hands as if it just magically appeared.

So finally this morning, I asked some on-line friends to say some prayers. I didn't say what the hell he was doing, just that he needed some. About an hour or so, after I requested the prayers, he finally, finally fell asleep. Thank God, he answered our prayers and helped that man get some sleep. I don't think I could have taken one more day of him doing that.

I'm sure the accident was caused because there were deer in the road, but I'm not so sure he would have damaged his car so badly if he wasn't so tired. Do you know what I mean? Not that I think it's his fault, there was water and deer, and I probably would have crashed my car, but I don't know. Oh well, men!!! Why do they have to be so stinkin' stubborn!!
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