Monday, June 30, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Every night for the past week, Mother Nature has played tricks on us. In the morning it will be beautiful. The sun will be shinning and it will be nice and warm and then it starts to get dark by late afternoon. Dark and cloudy, and you know exactly what happens when it gets dark and cloudy. Not only rain, but thunderstorms. I love a good thunderstorm, but not at the expense of a nice sunny day. Especially when we have plans for the evening.

Tonight, we were supposed to go to a pizza/pool party for the twins baseball team. All day long they were looking forward to going. I didn't even plan dinner, because I was thinking about this pool/pizza party. Well, it rained. Then the coach called to cancel it. Of course the rain stopped, but that wasn't enough to call the party back on, because it was still very cloudy and looking like it would storm. Even though the sun has been shinning in the morning to mid afternoon, it rained enough tonight to flood our yard alittle bit.
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