Saturday, January 21, 2012


I am having so much fun making these....

Can't wait to "debut" my store and share these with everyone.

These cute little girl ruffle ones

and these cute simple boy ones

Here is Nathan modeling the boy's super cute and he loves it so much, already tried it out while we made pizza last night.

Thursday, I helped out in Nathan's class room.

They had craft time and made sock snowmen.

I swear this is the BEST first grade class EVER

the kids were so well behaved and listened to the directions...awesome.

I went back on Friday and read to the classroom.

While I was there, the kids showed me the craft that they were making.

It was a picture of the beach.

they took blue tissue paper and glued it to a piece of cardboard

and glued some sand and seashells to the paper.

And then they drew a picture of palm trees and the sunshine.

they were so excited, they showed me the different types of shells and corals and natural sponges.

I read the book My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister

The kids liked looking at the pictures.

The book is about a little boy who thinks his mom has superpowers.

because she knows where he is and what he's up to all the she must have them, right?

I asked the kids if their mom had any superpowers, they all said no


Little do they know


I gave Nathan's teacher the book to keep for the class room.

I was given extra copies of some paperback books from Tiger Tales and decided to share them.

Did you know that Thursday was National Popcorn Day?

I wonder who comes up with these things???

not that I'm complaining, mind you
and not that I need an excuse to make and eat popcorn


I made some cheddar popcorn...


we also made chocolate popcorn

I know it sounds weird

looks even weirder (is that a word?)

but it tasted pretty darn good!

Nathan brought home this chocolate popcorn mix that he got at school during Christmas.

I saved it, because I wasn't sure anyone would eat it.

then I found out about popcorn day and thought that was the perfect time to try it.

I also baked some of these....

chocolate cupcakes with cream filling....yum!

Does that mean I qualify as a "super" mom now???


*Disclosure: I was given the book My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Tiger Tales for review purposes only.
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