Wednesday, February 22, 2012

things that make me a happy girl...

A few days ago,

I placed an order with Fat Quarter Shop (LOVE them!!!)

I used my gift card.

I got my fabric a day or two later, with regular shipping.

Not only was the service fast and friendly...

but they went the extra mile, by not only emailing me to tell me that one of my items was out of stock and asked if I wanted to purchase something else, but they also wrote the amount I have left on my gc on my invoice.

I found their sevice impeccable, I was very pleased to have them sponsoring my blog.


more happy stuff....

by now you have all seen my "etsy shop" linky on the sidebar.

yes, I opened an etsy store to sell my aprons.

I have womens, boys and girls
pom poms
cute patterns.

But did you know that not only do I make them, that I wear them as well?

check me out....

Oh and Nathan wears them too....when we cook together

It's always fun having your kids help you in the kitchen...

Don't worry about the are making precious memories with your children.

Believe me, they will remember the fun stuff more than how clean your floors were or how many dishes were in the sink


Dinner is served...

I don't even have to pay them for modeling my aprons...unless you count being paid with cookies and cake hehehe


*Disclosure:  This blog is sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop, I receive a gift certificate in exchange for sharing their site with you.


Emmy said...

You are a good mama. And yes helpers are more important than the mess.

Helene said...

Well, you already know I'm one of your biggest fans!!! Love all your aprons! And I really need to order some for my kids because they keep wanting to wear MINE!!!

Unknown said...

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I can say your painting is far from crap if these are the results you produce! I'd be more than happy with that standard of painting. Thanks also for the tip of using a dark green-gray as a highlight for black. I will try it. I find a sand/buff color useful for red highlights.