Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eastern State Penitentiary Part II {mommycations}

more pics of eastern state penitentiary....
what happens in philly.....stays in philly??
uh oh!

the enormity of this place is incredible

this is a plaque that hangs on the wall honoring the veterans...they are listed by their prison number, not their names.



the gate to the hospital ward

the yard...old baseball diamond

remember that tiny door at the back of every cell? this is where it a tiny yard, which also enters to the baseball diamond

operating room

al capone's infamous cell

check out his cell...compared to the others.

the 'great' tunnel escape (now sealed off) was pretty elaborate for those days, they even strung up electric lighting, to guide their way out.  You can read more about it here

this is the back of some stairs leading to the top tier...

these mirrors allowed the guards to see down the hallway

it was a looonnng weekend - what can I say hahaha!


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