Thursday, October 24, 2013

the stretch marks were worth it

these two turned 16 today.

can you believe it?

it seems just like yesterday that they were born.

it was probably my scariest pregnancy...from almost miscarrying them, to bedrest, to premature labor, to life flights, to hospital bedrest.

from tests, needle sticks, shots, blood work, bedpans

these two were worth it and more

worth the varicose veins,
the stretch marks,
the shots,
the ivs

yep, i'm thinking they were worth it and then some.

a long time ago rich wrote a letter to the twins and one thing that he wrote that stood out the most is "nothing made your mother as happy as carrying you in her belly."

he was right

double the fun
double the trouble
double the mess
double the love
i thought having two kids one year apart was bad...until i had 4 under 5
happy sweet 16 
i couldn't even imagine a day without the two of you in my life.
 sarah always says "i'm sorry for all the stretch marks mom."

i always reply
you were totally worth it
and they truly are.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

What a lovely post.. and you don't look old enough to have 16 year olds.. you look like one of the kids!
Happy Birthday!