Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wise Old Owl

nathan was itching to make a craft,
so i borrowed a few 'new to us' books from the library to inspire us.
then we made this little craft
(it's been all over pinterest and it was super easy to make)
you will need two paper plates,
brown paint,
orange, yellow, white, and black construction paper
scissors and glue
first paint the plates brown

while the paint dries, cut out circles for the eyes
two black ones
two slightly larger white ones
two big yellow ones
and three orange triangles for the beak and the feet
once the paint dries, cut one plate in half (for the wings)
cut a small indent at the top of the whole plate to make some ears
next glue the eyes, beak, feet and wings to the whole plate
i thought about using some brad fasteners instead of glue so the wings could move, but we didn't

we also read two books about owls
tiger with wings
the great horned owl
by barbara juster esbensen
this book was all about the great horned owl
from how they live and take care of their babies and more
it was a very informative book
by julie k. lundgren
this book was about the different types of owls.
both of these books are geared towards older children (7 and up).

this wasn't a major project, but nathan enjoyed himself as always
funny thing is i used to hate owls
probably had something to do with growing up in the 70's/80's when they were super popular
my mom had a million of them
and it was one of my saturday morning chores to dust all those suckers
so i guess if she had collected something like kittens or horses, i would have felt the same way
now i think they are kinda cute again.
(but you couldn't pay me enough to dust them)

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