Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School (2009)

Woke up at about 6:45 a.m. to make the kids' traditional pancake breakfast for the first day of school. Then as I always do, I took the kids to their schools. I just dropped off the older two kids. But the younger ones, I walked them to their classrooms. The younger kids each gave their teachers an apple (another tradition that we started last year actually). Then Nathan and I went to the grocery store, the "donut" store (Sheetz, a gas station) for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It was hard keeping that little guy occupied all day....see my next post for all the fun things we did today. But for now, I leave you with pics of the kids first day of school.

They look SO happy, don't they?

Off they go....

The posse with their apples for the teachers

Nathan had to get in on this one

Zachary with his teacher

Sarah with her teacher

Nicholas with his teacher

Little Man wanted to go too, he even packed his lunch more year with mommy buddy!

Nathan with his doughnut

Trying something new....

Did it work?

**It did work, but it came out small, wonder if there's a way to make it bigger? Since I'm new at this block pic/picasa thingy, if anyone is reading this and has any tips - I would appreciate them!

Okay, I guess if you click on the pic, it does come up better in a new window, but I'd like for it to be bigger in the post itself....I guess I'll have to play around with it later.

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Small Town at it's Finest

The Coal Show Parade

My niece Paige




Zachary with my sister in law Amy and my twin brother Charlie

Start of the antique car show (beginning of the parade)

We decided Paige needs one of these

Our Veterans always lead the beginning of the Coal Show Parade

So proud of our veterans

Our high school marching band in their uniforms

Anthony (second from the right)

Didn't want to bore you with all the pics I took, so I just posted the highlights!

Small Town Fun

If you don't remember, I'll remind you again that I live in a very small town. Every year our town busts out it's finest to get ready for the annual Coal Show Parade. The coal show is a week long event - we have golf tournaments, a beauty pageant, cheer leading competitions, coal mining rescue events, coal exhibits, art exhibits, a small pet parade, a bike parade, a small carnival and a big parade with fire trucks and beauty queens and marching bands. This event has been going on for over 50 years. As a kid it was my favorite thing of the summer. It also meant that school was going to start the following Monday.

I was asked recently why it was called a "Coal Show" parade. It's called a coal show, because we live in a coal region. Years ago, it was a HUGE coal region. Everyone was either a coal miner or they knew a coal miner. It's not as big as it once was, but there are still a few mines that are open. But since coal played such a big part in our area, we celebrate it! Just another thing I love about small towns!

The Pet Parade

Our high school marching band

there's Anthony playing his sax (right in front of the tuba)

Anthony again - he looks so handsome, doesn't he?

Who let the dogs out?!

This dog looked more like a horse!

Anthony again

Nicholas, complete with his "koolaid" smile

Nathan just loves parades

here's that huge dog again, I just couldn't believe it

The Bike Parade

Anthony marching in the bike parade



And more bikes

The Coal Queen announcing the bike parade winners

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What did you say?

Nicholas was watching tv and had the volume turned up way too loud.

I said Nicholas turn that down it's too loud.

Nicholas said "What, I can't hear you?"

My point exactly buddy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tonight's Dinner

Manicotti (before the kids and their friends devoured it) I'm glad I made 2 pans of it or there wouldn't be enough for leftovers.

It always makes me feel good when the kids and Rich compliment my cooking. It's a great ego booster - let me tell ya! And it's even better when it comes from one of the kids' friends, because they don't have to be so nice, ya know what I mean?

Nicholas told me I should charge money for my food - hahaha! He suggested $2 a manicotti.

*If you want the recipe, let me know in the comments and I'll post it here too.