Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday celebration times two

Sarah and Zachary just turned 11. Can you believe that? Where did the time go? I can still remember walking up and down the hallway at night with Sarah. She was the clingiest baby! Even as she got older she wanted to follow me everywhere. She truly was my little shadow. Once when she was about two years old, I went out to get the mail and I'll never forget the look on her face when I came back in. She was absolutely horrified that I left without her. She was screaming and crying so much that there wasn't any tears coming from her eyes. You know that dry cry kids do when they are really upset? That was her. And to this day, even at 11 years old, she still wants to tag along everywhere I go. I call her my girl Friday, she's my side kick.

With Sarah taking up so much of my attention when the twins were infants, Zachary quickly figured out that if he wanted any mommy time at all then he was going to have to do it while Sarah was sleeping. So, every single morning until he was around 2 years old, Zachary would get up at 1 o'clock in the morning like ...well...clockwork. He just wanted to be held. He didn't care if I fell asleep while I was holding him, he just wanted that snuggle time. He still craves my attention to this day. At odd moments during the day he will walk up to me and hug me. He will hug and hang on for what feels like hours. I think he's just trying to get that attention he was always content to let Sarah have while they were babies.

We really didn't do much this year for their birthday. In years past, I made huge deals out of those special days, but its hard now trying to plan those super parties, while working the afternoon shift and taking care of the kids. So it feels as though birthday celebrations have been dwindling down to being almost non-existent. This year was no different. I figured we would make a cake and get some ice cream and have a little family party (like we did for Nathan's birthday). But, I didn't have any plans set for a time or day.

On Sunday, Rich went to watch the Steelers game at some friends' house (Vince and Terri). Vince loves Halloween and acts just like a kid during this time. I thought he would get a kick out of seeing the kids in their costumes and since we were trick or treating that night it would help us out as far as getting everyone ready. Rich left first and we were going to tag along behind in my van. When we got there, Terri pulled me aside and said Rich wants me to run to the store and get a cake from the bakery, so I'll be back in a bit.

We ate dinner at their house and the kids got to show off their costumes. Vince got out the candy and let the kids have some. Then he also let the younger boys (Nicholas and Zachary) rough house with him. They rolled on the floor and wrestled. The boys love doing this, but Rich can't do it with them anymore. So, Vince was happy to oblige.

During halftime, we sang happy birthday to Sarah and Zach. We had a good laugh at the candle Terri put on the cake. It was the only one she had and it was something like over the hill, lol. Terri and I dished up the cake and ice cream. Sarah and Zachary opened their cards from Vince and Terri, they got 11 dollars each (since they are 11). While it wasn't a huge party, it was filled with our friends who love us. I realized while we were there, that we have know Terri and Vince since the twins were little babies. So it's cool that we celebrated with them.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our little date at home....

The other day Rich and I were running errands together, when we passed this little pizza place and I said out loud "I often think about stopping there on the way home from work and getting a pizza for you and me to share when I get home."

Without giving it much thought in the days passing......

I came home from work one night and to my surprise Rich not only got a pizza to share. But he bought a movie that I've been dying to see (the newest Indiana Jones - since Harrison Ford is my secret I was taken aback by his thoughtfulness. I often take Rich for granted, usually yelling at him to help me more, or ignoring him when he asks me to do things, etc. but then he does these really sweet amazing things for me and I realize.....

What a wonderful man God has sent to me!

So anyway, we couldn't have our little date right away, because Nathan wasn't feeling well. It was about an hour after I got home that Nathan finally fell asleep. So we heated up the pizza and since it was too late to watch the movie, we watched a tv show that Rich dvr'd for us.

It might not have been a candlelit dinner for two at a fancy restaurant but it was a wonderful date night for both of us. I'll say it again, I'm a very lucky girl....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can't they stay little - for alittle while longer?

Sarah has a boyfriend! Did I mention she is 10 - well, tomorrow she'll be 11. And another fascinating fact - she has started shaving her legs!

Where did my little girl go................

She came home from school all excited, saying I have a boyfriend. I was talking to Rich on the phone at the time and told him. He said that's it Sarah's grounded til she's 40. So funny! Daddies and their little girls!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guess what Nicholas did?

Did that get your attention?

Are you thinking all these horrible things that 6 year old, almost 7 year olds get into?

Did he get a bad grade on his spelling test?

Did he get a 100% on a math test?

Did he pick a fight with one of his brothers?

Hmmmm, What could it be........

Drum Roll Please..............

He learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels!! That's right my little boy is moving up in the mobile world. A true bike rider! The wonderful part about it all is the fact that he did it without help. He asked his big brother to take the training wheels off one day, and he got on his bike and started riding it like he'd been doing all along.

Isn't my boy cool?!

For your viewing pleasure....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

some new pictures

These were taken by my brother Jimmy and his wife Kristen. Kristen recently sent them to me in an e-mail so I'm posting them here.

Whoo hoo, Look at those muscles on Zach!

Nicholas pondering the meaning of life

(And yes, Kristen, I cropped my fat butt out of these LOL!)

Sarah taking a picture with my cell phone


My niece Paige

Another one of Zach

Throw some candy our way, please!

You really don't think I'm sharing this with anyone, do you?

Aunt Kristen, this is for you....

Remember your comment about taking pictures to blackmail Nathan in the buff? Well, these are older but I took them, because they were cute. You always have to get a few butt or nakey shots in when you have kids (I mean when they are babies, not older kids - I'm not a perv!). So I'm posting these for you.....

Have you tried these?

They are so addicting....Not as good as a real caramel apple, but the taste is pretty darn close.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Who hid the remote?

Everytime I go to work and come home the remote control is missing! Without fail....every.single.time.

We have six televisions in our house. Each of the kids rooms (they are doubled up in bedrooms; girls, boys, boys) has a tv, the familyroom has a tv, the living room has the big screen and Rich and I have a plasma tv that hangs on our sitting room wall. Most of the time, the kids end up in the living room watching the big screen.

When we first got the tv (about 4 years ago, when we moved into this house), it came with a super duper remote. That thing flipped opened and had controls for a dvd player, controls to change the screen (wide, movie, normal, etc.) and a lot of other cool features.

Of course the kids broke it and it costs $50 to replace.

Yeah that ain't happening!

So the remote to the tv is broken. However, we have cable. The living room has a cable box with all the channels (which is why the kids want to watch tv in there), and our tv has a dvr system (if you aren't up on your cable lingo - this system is wicked! You can record tv programs, and pause the tv program if you need a potty break and then come back and hit play and continue watching your show - right where you left off. No more missing things. The rest of the televisions in the house just have basic cable (2 - 70 channels or something like that).

The cable boxes in the living room and the master suite come with remotes. The living room remote is always missing - Always! I swear the kids hide it from each other, thinking that if they hold the remote, they can control the tv. It's insane! I went to work today with the remote sitting on top of the tv. And I came home and its gone....

I think from now on when I have to leave for work, I'm going to hide the remote! That way when I get home I'll know exactly where it is!!

Remote, remote, come out , come out where ever you are.........

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Naked Nate

This new potty training gig started a new trend......streakin' naked around the house. Nathan doesn't want to wear clothes anymore....which I can kind of understand. Seeing as often as I have pee during the day, pulling your pants down all day long can cramp your style - potty style that is!

So the boy not only doesn't want to wear clothes, he doesn't want to wear underwear or pull-ups, except for the aforementioned pooping thing. So he streaks around the house nakey All.the.time!

It's a good thing we haven't replaced the carpet yet!