Saturday, August 22, 2015

3, 2, 1 .... Blast Off!!

Some fun activities from summer kindergarten readiness camp.

Our theme for the last day was "Rockets and Space"

We made telescopes, worked on our colors one last time, and
practiced writing super space words like galaxy, constellation, and planets.

We pretended we were astronauts and blasted into outer space
and made a cute rocket ship craft.

Here are some pictures on our "jet fuel pack"
and rocket ship craft.

to make the jet pack, you will need:

2 empty two liter soda bottles
rubber bands
aluminium foil
yellow and orange tissue paper
string, yarn, or ribbon

Wrap the soda bottles in aluminium foil (removing the cap)
Place them side by side and put a rubber band around both bottles - one near the top and one near the bottom to hold them together.

Next, spread a little glue around the inside of the bottle and shove one of the corners of 
each of the orange and yellow tissue paper inside 

Tie the ribbon to the rubber bands to make arm holes.

We used this during dramatic play and the children loved it.

(Nathan modeling the jet pack for me)

For our rocket ship craft

we used aluminium foil
red, yellow, and blue construction paper
cotton balls

I cut out several "rocket" shapes using the foil.  I also pre-cut yellow circles and red end caps.

The kids glued their rockets together on the blue paper
and then glued cotton balls (stretched out to look like smoke) at the bottom of the rocket.

Here is the finished look....

The telescopes that they made were from a kit that was purchased through their school program, 
however you can make your own by using an empty paper towel holder. 

You can have the children decorate it anyway they like by coloring the holder, or gluing construction paper around the tube and then decorate with stickers.

We read the book Zoom, Rocket, Zoom by Margaret Mayo