Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Surf Sweets Candy Review

I was recently asked to review Surf Sweets Candy.  Surf Sweets is an all natural and organic candy.  It is made in a nut free factory, perfect for kids that have nut allergies.  The candy is made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners.  Surf Sweets has no artificial colors or flavors and is one of the only candies made without corn syrup.  The products also contain the antioxidant Vitamin C and are great for people with food allergies and intolerances.  Surf Sweets are gluten-free and casein-free and can be found nationwide in many natural and speciality food retailers such as Whole Foods.  

My children loved the all the candy that Surf Sweets sent to us to review.  They couldn't get enough of it.  Anthony who doesn't like jelly beans at all, actually said that "the jelly beans were the best ever."  Sarah and Zachary liked everything, but the sour worms because "they weren't sour enough." Nicholas and Nathan loved it all.  I managed to grab a few gummy bears before they disappeared and thought they were quite yummy.  And I have to agree with Anthony, the jelly beans really were the best (and I love jelly beans).

Overall, we thought the candy was wonderful and if I see it in a store, I will definitely purchase some.  Hope you will too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Follow Me Back Tuesday

I decided to try something different.  Instead of the usual Friday follows (which I was starting to get burned out by and haven't done in ages and now there are so many different ones that I wouldn't know where to start...), I thought I would try hanging out with the Tuesday girls for a change. 

Follow Me Back Tuesday is hosted by Survey Junkie, Little Yaya's, Review Retreat and Boobies, Babies & A Blog and follows the same premise as the Friday ones.  Follow the hostesses and as many other blogs as you like.  Leave a comment letting the blogger know you are now following them and wait for them to follow you back.  Easy, Right? Click on the link and get started!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainbow Pudding Pops & Sidewalk Paint

We had such a FUN day today.  The kids and I made some sidewalk paint (equal parts water and cornstarch with food coloring mixed in).  They had so much fun that I had to make some more.  I bought some disposable foam brushes at Dollar General.  They came in various sizes, about 15 in one bag for a buck fifty.  For hours of fun, it was definitely worth it.  I ended up having to run to the store for more cornstarch and food coloring.  All total, I probably spent - 7 dollars for an afternoon of fun.  Not bad in my opinion.

I also made some rainbow pudding pops.  I found the recipe at Kelli's blog.  She has tons of fun ideas too.  You make them the same way you make the rainbow cake, only you use pudding and then you freeze them.  The little kids loved these.  For some reason, Zach's didn't freeze as well and he ended up having to use a bowl to eat his and then Sarah's started to melt off the stick, so she had to grab a bowl too.  They had a lot of fun eating them....The waiting was the worst part LOL! But, the smiles on their faces were just priceless - I just love love love my kiddos!

I used 3 boxes of instant vanilla pudding and food gel colors (just like with the cake).   I divided the pudding into equal parts in bowls and added the food coloring.  I, then, layered the rainbow colored pudding into clear plastic cups.  Next, I added a popsicle stick to the middle and popped them in the freezer.   I'm not sure exactly how long they were in the freezer, because I didn't keep track.  But, my kids also kept opening the drawer over and over again, so it took longer to freeze them.  I can tell you that I made them this afternoon and they were ready for dessert after dinner.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Astronauts, Aliens and Rocket Adventures

Today, we read the book Astronaut Piggy Wiggy by Christyan and Diane Fox.  What a cute, imagination story for preschoolers.   Piggy Wiggy takes us on a space adventure.  He shows us that food floats in outer space, and he must fix his rocket from the outside.  He meets new "friends" and travels to new places.......All while eating his breakfast.  Such a cute and easy to read story.  Nathan loved it and wanted me to read it over and over again.

To go along with the book, Nathan made a rocket.  He also made alien friends (Sarah, Zachary and Nicholas did as well).  It ended up being a cute project for all of them to do.

We used the Enchanted Learning website to make the rocket.  You will need an empty paper towel tube, construction paper, glue, tape and scissors.  You can also use crayons, markers or stickers to decorate your rocket as well.  Click on the above link for the rocket ship directions.

You can't really see the picture very well, but the aliens have lots of eyes, hence the wiggle eyes the kids glued onto the aliens that they drew.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think SUMMER has gone to his head!

I very rarely write about Anthony.  Not that I don't have things to write about him, or that I love him any less.  It's just that he's a fairly private person and likes to keep to himself.  He hangs out mostly in his room with his laptop and video games.  But the kid doesn't look like your typical "video kid".  He's plenty active, has a pretty good physique (muscles and all).  He's just a quiet boy.  His friends are more likely to come to our house, than hang out at their own.  I don't mind, since he has pretty good friends.  They like to hang out and play video games and rock band.  When they have sleepovers, there isn't any sleeping involved, its just an all night, pizza eating, video game playing night. 

We host them pretty regularly.  His friends don't even pay any attention to Nathan running around in his underwear anymore.  I guess they're used to it now.  Sure, it sometimes gets a little rowdy (mostly from my boys), sure they argue about some things (again, mostly my kids).  Sure, they eat alot.  I know, because I usually feed them.  I swear one of them knows the exact time we have dinner, because that's when he usually happens to show up LOL.  Like, I said, we don't mind.  I make plenty of food most of the time anyway. 

The funny thing about Anthony is he just doesn't think.  You know how that old saying goes...that geniuses rarely have common sense.  That's Anthony.  And yes, he is a genius.  He's been tested (along with Amanda - they're both in the 140's, not that I'm bragging).  Not only does he not think....he also doesn't listen.   Here are just a few examples of the past few weeks.....

Rich told Anthony to cut back some of the branches on the trees in the back of the house.  He very specifically said "by the stairs".  When we went outside to check on the progress, not only did he cut back the ones he was told to - but also the ones on the side of the house.  And not only did he cut them back, but he cut them down to the ground.  Oh - Yes, he did!  We are now shrub-less.  Thanks Anthony.....Job well done!  When Rich questioned why he did it.  He said "Mom told me to cut them all down."  Um, no mom did not say that.  Nice try though.

Anthony has his learner's permit now.  And he is under the BIG misconception that since he knows how to use the riding lawn mower, that he knows how to drive.  Rich has been teaching him, because I'm way too chicken to.  Rich said "He's Scary, realllly scary!!" LOL! See, now people thought I was a tad bit crazy when I joked around saying that I made a deal with Rich that I would change diapers, if he did driving lessons.  LOL! Who cares about a little poop, when it comes your life and sanity, right?! Even Amanda said it was scary.  She rode in the car one day with the both of them.  I was telling her how Rich said he drives so bad that I'd be peeing in my pants.  And she said "Uh yeah, he's would."

Rich said "It's a good thing I told him he had to keep his permit for a year before he got his actual license, cause he's going to need it."  Again, I just laugh to myself and think how smart I was when I made the whole poopy diaper/driving license deal. 

Oh, and getting back to the whole sleepless sleepover thing......Asking your mother at 11:00 at night if you could have a sleepover that same night - Not the best idea.  I don't mind the sleepovers....But I do like some sort of notice.  You know, like say at least a day or two.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm still here....

I have been so sick this past week.  This has got to be the worst couple of weeks ever.  I swear.  First, I hurt my back (lumbar strain) at work.  Then I got some virus/allergy sinus cold, which knocked me off my feet.  I think my poor husband and family should be sainted for putting up with me.  I am the worst sick person ever.  I'm whiny, cranky, act like a big cry baby.  It's pitiful, really!

I'm really hoping and praying I feel better soon....I hate being sick! I'm sure my family has been praying too ;)

Hopefully, I'll be back to my regular posting self soon! Just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't run away or something like that....

Friday, June 18, 2010


I am the Featured Blogger of the Week on the 5 Minutes for Moms Newsletter!!

Once a week they feature a blogger on their weekly newsletter.  You can sign up for the newsletter here.   Imagine my surprise to find out that I was chosen for this honor - Wow!

When you sign up to have your blog listed on 5 Minutes for Moms, you have to fill out several interview questions.  This is to help peak interest in you and your blog.  It's a great way to find other blogs to read, they list the blogs in three catergories: Mom Blogs, Mom Stores and Mom Sites.  If you haven't already checked out this wonderful site, you should.

You can find my interview page here or by clicking on the "I'm famous" button on the sidebar.

I'm so happy to share my news with all of you....Thanks for the support! And don't forget - I LOVE comments (hint hint)!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's In Your Garden? (stART project)

This week, we read the book My Garden by Kevin Henkes.  In the story a little girl helps her mother in the garden.  One day, she imagines all the things that she would grow in her own garden.  Everything from butterflies to jelly bean trees to seashells and buttons. 

I included Nicholas in the art project, since he is no longer in school and he gets a little jealous of Nathan's craft time.  I got some banner paper that I found in Target's Dollar Spot and some paint and told the boys to paint whatever they would love to have in their own gardens.  

Nathan said his imagination garden had blueberries, flowers and Mommy (not sure which blob I am).  He also said he had a rainbow tree in it.

Nicholas told me that his garden had zombies in it.....Nice one, Buddy!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La La Laaa......Lasagna (My Recipe)

I have been making lasagna for years.  My family LOVES it (except for Amanda, she doesn't like ricotta cheese - I know, what kind of Italian is she?!).  It is probably one of the easiest, throw together meals ever.  If you have a big family make one big dish.  If you have a smaller family make two; eat one, freeze one (use two 8x8 pans).  Lasagna freezes really well. Just bake, freeze it and pull it out on a busy night, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and serve.

2 bags shredded mozzarella cheese
1 bag Italian shredded cheese (provolone, mozzarella)
Parmesan cheese
1 small box frozen, choppen spinach (thawed)
2 eggs
1 46 oz. container ricotta cheese
Spaghetti sauce
Cooked lasagna noodles

*If you don't like spinach, just don't add it in.  I do like to add it, because it really doesn't make that big of a difference taste wise and it gives me a chance to throw a veggie in the mix.

Heat oven to 350*  Mix together in a big bowl - 1 bag of the mozzarella cheese, the Italian cheese, some parmesan cheese (about 1 cup), spinach, ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, some parsely.

In a 9x13 inch baking dish.....let the layering begin! Sauce, Noodles, Sauce, Ricotta Cheese Mixture - Repeat. 

When you get to the last layer sprinkle the remaining bag of mozzarella cheese on top and Bake for an hour.

By the way, I use pretty much the same ricotta cheese mixture for my manicotti and stuffed shells too.