this is the story of a girl....

I spent far too many years feeling hopeless, depressed and overweight.  I am by no means an expert and don't claim to be....however, I think sometimes people learn more from 'real' people and by seeing their results than trying to follow some expert's advice....that's not to say, don't follow your doctor's orders.  *Please before you start any program, exercise or diet, check with your doctor. 
There are so many reasons other than just overeating and being a couch potato that could be causing your weight gain.  Please get checked out and take the necessary precautions.

The following posts are about my weight loss using the Nutrisystem program
and about the journey to rediscovering myself.

     Have No Fear


Breaking Old Habits

No Chips For You

Slow and Steady

Never Give Up

Cheater Cheater!

Two Months In...

What's Your Super Power?

Stress is a Six Letter Word

Baby, Write This Down!

Keepin' the Faith

Stepping Stones

Play...What's That?

It's Worth It.


Don't Stop Believing



Five Months and Going Strong

Don't Rain on My Parade

What's a Vending Machine?

Water, Water Everywhere

A Life Worth Saving

Slowly, but Surely

Sick...who has time to be Sick?

Live and Learn


Mirror, Mirror

Being Thankful

There's that 'S' Word again...

Hands Off!

I'm Walking On Sunshine

Plan Ahead

Here Comes the JUNK Wagon

Number 9

Caution Speed Bumps Ahead

Life's a Dance

now i can

busy is as busy does

It's a Twofer...

Just Keep Swimming


Make Your Own Happy

Hang In There

just keep swimming....

When One Door Closes

(Before 180 - size 18/20 in pants and 2X in shirts...After 146 - size 6/8 in pants and small/medium in shirts)

That is the same jacket in both pics.

My weight loss story is also featured on the website Weight Loss Triumph as well.

I was featured in the May 2014 issue of Family Circle magazine, you can read the article HERE.

as well as a VIDEO on Family Circle's website.

My monthly diary vlogs can be found on my you tube channel here  

(Yep....that's ME!!!!!)

I have started a new weight loss weekly to help motivate not only myself, but others as well.
I will keep them listed here as well for others to follow.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your successful journey! I am also looking on trying nutrisystem myself for a while now and you inspired me to do it. I am currently doing a program I got from this site: I am already seeing results but I think combining it with nutrisystem will be a great idea. Will create my own journey too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Charlene Juliani said...

Thank you Ingrid! Best of Luck on your own journey of losing weight!!

Shell said...

You did such an amazing job! I'm trying to lose some weight in the new year- it's hard!

Charlene Juliani said...

Aww thank you Shell! Good luck to you...I'm cheering for you :)

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