Thursday, December 08, 2016

My Trunk or Treat Princess Palace

 As an education major, I'm a member of my college's chapter of SPSEA
(Student Pennsylvania State Education Association).

I enjoy it because it gives me a creative outlet and since
I've been so incredibly busy lately, I don't have much time for the creative stuff (booo!).

At any rate, our organization volunteered to participate at a local daycare/pre-school's
Trunk or Treat.  We decided to do a princess theme, which prompted me
to make a super awesome castle - complete with a draw bridge, trees, and a "stone" pathway.

I started out just making the initial tower and then ended up adding the sides later.
I used a huge cardboard box and painted it light grey.

I cut out some cardboard to look like stone or rocks
to make a cute path to the castle.
I painted them grey and then sprinkled some
silver glitter on them....what princess doesn't want a glittery stone path?

Next, I used darker grey paint to make it look like the castle was made of stone.

I used tri-board display boards for the side "wings" of the castle
and painted them the same as the tower.

Originally, I had cut the top of the middle board to look like towers.

Then, for the draw bridge, I cut a door shape out of cardboard and painted it grey.
I cut a door frame out of black poster board for the door.

I used huge plastic chains that looked old.  A friend and I found them in the
Halloween section at Walmart.  They were the last ones.
We quickly scooped them up for my project.

I cut the chain in half and used pipe cleaners to attach them to the
tower and the draw bridge.

isn't that path super cute?
and the castle is adorable so far, right?

But, I wasn't done yet....
Oh no, you know me!

Next I painted some grass and flowers all along the bottom of the castle.

I added some pink caps to the towers and sprinkled some pink glitter on them

I also took a long piece of cardboard and cut it to look like a door header.
For the door header, I painted it with the darker grey and sprinkled tons
of silver glitter on it.

This castle was totally BLINGED out!!

I made some tree cut outs too.

At the trunk or treat we added balloons, little danglers with princesses hanging on them, and some pink and purple glittery tulle to hang from the trunk.

We taped a long green table cloth to the ground and placed balloons along the path
and added my stone pathway.

A friend of mine (also a member) made a super sweet sign
with our organization name on it to display

My friend dressed up as Snow White and I dressed up as an old, fat Cinderella (hahah)
and each of the girls who participated wore crowns as we passed out our treats.

And guess what......


Most Bootiful Trunk

It was so much fun.

and totally worth the weekend that I lost designing the palace

which now sits on a shelf in my garage with the rest of my projects

anyone remember this gem?

My club won last year too...

it was epic


I made all those game pieces and gingerbread boys

and yeah that's me in the middle with the crazy pink tinsel wig...hahaha

So many things have been happening around here that's been so hard trying to keep up
but I'll keep trying, because I know some of you out there love reading and hearing
about our fun family adventures.