Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Did The Year Go?

Yesterday, I went to Nathan's kindergarten program.  They sang and recited nursery rhymes.  It was so cute....I LOVED it.   Children that age are so adorable when they stand up on stage.  The kids were waving, the parents and grandparents were waving.  It was so awesome.  I think I had a smile on my face the entire time.  All the kids did a wonderful job...and I was super proud of Nathan.

He really loves school. Sure, there are days when he gets up in the morning and doesn't want to go. He'll look up at me with those big, brown eyes of his and say "Let's just have a Mommy/Nathan day." And part of me, really wants to agree.   But, the parent in me has to send him to school.  He is doing so well...he has learned to read and made tons of friends, loves his teachers, gained some independance and has really blossomed into such a wonderful boy. 

(Nathan with his music teacher Mrs. Drury)

It seems funny now, thinking back - actually looking back.  He was so excited that first day of school and yet so hesitant as well.  He wanted mommy to stay with him and even though he wanted to cry really bad, he didn't. 
(this picture still breaks my heart - first day of school, when he realized that mommy wasn't staying)

Oh, those bittersweet moments and milestones.....they really suck - don't they?

And now, we have one kid graduating, GRADUATING!!! - How in the heck did that happen? Where did all those years go? And please....whatever you do, DON'T tell me that one day while I'm busy blinking that Nathan will graduate too.


Emmy said...

Oh I totally remember that first day of school picture! Look how much older he looks. He has a small class, how nice is that! I think Lucas has about 25 kids in his class now.

A great day for you for sure.

Unknown said...

I can relate! Our 4 year old twins just went through their preschool graduation!

Kelly L said...

My girls never cried on the first day of school... I am the one that cries..(still do - they are in 7th and 9th) Time goes by so fast!
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Jackie said...

I was super close to crying when my son started preschool this year, he didn't. He was actually really happy! Ugh, but ya time does fly by. I don't even want to think about him graduating :(