Monday, August 30, 2010

He Still Wears Toy Story Underwear

Today was the first day of school...Mommy can't believe her little boy is old enough to go.  The morning started out fine.  He got up and was excited.  Ran off to get dressed after he ate his chocolate chip pancakes.   He came out of his room wearing his new Toy Story underwear that he picked out last week.  Asking Mommy what he was supposed to wear on his special day. 

He got dressed and smiled for pictures.  He was a happy little camper.  So excited to start a new adventure...kindergarten.  He jumped in the car and was rearing to go.  Couldn't wait to get there.  He waited patiently while Mommy took pictures of his big brother with his teacher.  And happily skipped along with her towards his new classroom.

He found his name in the coat closet.  And hung up his new Spiderman backpack (in which he kept one of his little buddies).  He sat down at the table, eager to see his old friends and make some new ones.  He asked Mommy quietly to read the book that was sitting on the table in front of him.  He nervously looked around the classroom.  He sat and watched a little girl clinging to her mother crying.  He smiled when he saw his friend from kindergarten club.

And then.....

Mommy stood up to leave and kiss and hug him goodbye and.....those little lips started to quiver as he tried hard not to cry.  He anxiously held on to his mommy's hand, not ready to say goodbye yet.  Mommy edged her way out the door, while he watched his fellow classmates.  He looked around for Mommy, not seeing her right away his lips trembled again.  He smiled nervously when he spotted her standing by the door. 

Mommy smiled (trying hard not to cry) as she waved one final goodbye to her precious little boy.  He looked scared as she started out the door.   Again, not wanting to cry in front of his new friends, his lips quivered again.  Mommy waved and blew a kiss and then walked out the door.  She peeked in the doorway one final time hoping he wasn't crying when he realized she wasn't going to stay with him.

Mommy walked towards the school door, feeling like she just left her heart behind in that kindergarten classroom.  She walked to her waiting van, now empty.  There will be no one going home with her today - on this the first day of school. 

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