Friday, October 28, 2011

Re-purposing an Old Entertainment Center

Throwing the Hubs a bone.....

Rich said "don't you just love my handy work? You should take a picture of it and post it." he sounds just like the kids!

But, he really did do a fantastic job and I love how it turned out, so yeah, I'll throw him a bone (or two).

It all started when we had to buy a new tv.

Our old one was acting funny and wasn't working right - the picture was red and doubled (I'm sure there is a more technical term for what it was doing, but heck, if I know what it is).

Rich bought us a new huge flat screen.

I didn't want to have it hanging on the wall in the living room because I just had all new shelves hung in there and didn't want to have to rearrange everything. 

That left us looking for entertainment stands to place the new tv on.

I couldn't find any that I liked or anything that matched the finish on our bookcases.

So, Rich came up with a great idea.

(before pic - see all the shelves and the hole for a normal didn't really serve our needs anymore)

He took our old entertainment center and cut it down and took the top of the old one and placed it back on top of the new smaller version.

(after pic)

Doesn't this look awesome!!

We still need to replace the knobs so that they all match and he wants to fill in the nail holes with putty...but it looks really nice and it matches the bookcases.

I LOVE it!

thank you handy it and love you too.


My Mercurial Nature said...

Wow, he did a great job!! I might have to show my hubby this and give him a little nudge!

Handy Housemom said...

NICE!!!! GREAT job :-) don't you just LOVE reusing things in a new and exciting way?! :-)

Emmy said...

It does look awesome! What a great idea! And he should be proud