Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Mom, Look What I Did (#4)

We are wrapping up our Halloween here, how about you?
I'm ready to pack it all up and break out the Thanksgiving stuff.

This weekend we went trick or treating and made two crafts.

a Pumpkin Windsock

For this craft, we used recycled file folders, orange and green paint, clothes pins, sponges, glue and orange crepe paper streamers.

Pin the sponges to the clothespins (to use as a handle).

The boys sponge painted pumpkins on the paper - you need two pumpkins for each child.

Nicholas decided to use two - to get the job done faster haha

Nathan ended up just smearing his paint on his pumpkin, instead of sponge painting it.

Glue the streamers to the back of one of the pumpkins

Glue a small loop of ribbon to the inside and then glue both sides together for a cute little pumpkin windsock.

We also made Handprint Bats.

Trace your child's foot print onto black paper (for the body).  I just used Nathan's foot for both boys.
Glue on google eyes and paint some fangs.

For the wings, we painted their hands white and "stamped" them onto black paper.
Cut them into bat wing shapes and glued it all together.

The boys in their costumes....

Come join the fun and share you projects, crafts, recipes, halloween costumes and all your other tricks and treats with us this week....Can't wait to see what all YOU did!!

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Shibley Smiles

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