Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey Mom, Look What I Did (#8)


Week # 8 is here!!!

I still can't believe how incredible this link party has become!

and the best part is, it keeps growing!!!

makes me an extremely happy girl

Let's get this party started....

Adventures In Mommy Land

This actually was a "Hey Mom, Look What We Did" week
The boys were feeling kind of bored while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner so I told them to get the craft supplies out and entertain themselves.
They made an advent chain.
At some point during the food prepping, Nicholas and Nathan held up their chain and in unison said "Hey Mom, look what we did."
They were quite proud of themselves too, as you can see ;)

That's what WE did this week

how about you,

What Did YOU Do this Week?

Link up and share all the fun activities, arts, crafts and fun stuff you did this week.

Grab the linky button and put it on your blog, if you like, so that others can share in the fun too.

Thanks for joining us....Hope to see you again soon!!

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