Friday, July 06, 2012

A few crafts for the 4th!

I meant to share these earlier in the week, but life kinda got in the way.
Red, White & Blue Paperplate Windsock

2 paper plates painted blue, white stars, glue, red and white crepe paper streamers and a ribbon to hang it with.

After painting the plates, glue some white stars to them.

Then glue red and white streamers to the inside of one of the plates.

Staple the ribbon to the plate so you can hang it and then glue and staple (If you like) both sides together.

Here's another fun craft for kids....

Tin Can Phones

Two clean cans (I used 4 because we made two sets), paint, glue, white stars, 1 red and 1 white fat quarter (cut into strips)

Paint the cans with blue paint

Once the paint dries, glue some white stars to the cans

Drill a hole in top of the can.

Tie the ribbon strips together

String it through the hole in the tops of the cans and tie a small knot inside the can to hold the ribbon in place.

Can you hear me now?

Hello, anybody there?

This craft came out rather cute, my kids thought it was kinda lame, but I think smaller kids might like it.  
It did, however, inspire some good conversation about what phones were like when mom and dad were kids. 

"you mean phones actually had cords attached???"

"yeah, and if you lived in the boonies they actually had something called a party line, which means you had to wait until your neighbor was done with the phone before you could use it."

"Wow you and dad are ancient!!!!"

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