Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Teenagers suck!

Why do teenagers act the way they do? It should be illegal to treat your parents like crap after all they did for you as a baby. They changed your poopy diapers, cleaned up puke and spit up, fed you and let you play peek-a-boo for hours on end, sat up all night worrying about you when you were sick, pacing the floors til you feel asleep and many more undesirable, but totally worth it things.

And then you pay us back by having hormones, sneaking out of the house, sending us to an early grave and turn our hair gray (or in my case, white).

This whole territory is new to me (I mean aside from acting like an ass to my mother). If I'd of known this is how those cute, sweet babies turn out, I would have never had as many children as I have now. I would have stopped at, oh zero!

So my latest adventure with Amanda is an on-going one. Forgive me for acting stupid, but this is one behavior I never did at this age (because frankly we didn't have the world wide web at our fingertips back then). At any rate, Amanda has been instant messaging this boy from her english class (at least that's what she says). They also text message non-stop. I realized this one night when I was on-line and she was in bed, when this boy kept writing poetry to her (me) and calling her sexy and other things. I was quite taken aback by this. At first, I just let the kid write all this stuff, but then it got annoying because he kept typing, "R U there" endlessly and this kept popping up while I was reading the newspaper on-line. So eventually, I typed back "Amanda is asleep, this is her mother." I'm sure if I could've seen the kid's face it would have been a lovely shade of red or at the very least pink. He stated that he was sorry several times and then must have logged off.

When I asked Amanda about it the next day, she just said "he's a kid from my english class", now this phrase will become important later, I promise. Why she just couldn't say, there is this boy I really like and....? It's not like I would care. But she just doesnt' tell me these things. Which saddens me, because I really wanted to have a more open relationship, but that's someething she's interested in, I guess.

So about a week ago, Amanda bugs me endlessly by asking me if she can go for a walk "because it's such a nice day". Usually she's jumping at the chance to take her younger siblings, but this time, she wasn't interested in taking them with her. I got tired of her hounding me over it, so I told she could and to be back in an hour and a half. The hour and a half goes by and she calls me on the phone. And she asks me if "we could stay longer and go to the school playground." I asked her who "we" were since she said she wanted to be alone on this walk. And she tells me it's just this kid from her english class. So I tell her yes, and to be home in an hour, no later.

Again, why couldn't she just tell me, I don't want to take the little kids, because I want to meet so and so at the park and hang out with them. Instead, she is being all sneaky. How am I supposed to trust that in the future? Just tell me what you're going to do, don't try to sneak off and do all these stupid things, you know?

So with all the back talking and complaining and being a brat, etc, I now have to deal with this crap. Yay, me!

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TxGambit said...

teenagers do suck!!!!

Sorry you are dealing with that.