Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When did I turn into the enemy?

I try to do nice fun things with her (took her flip flop shopping).

I know I'm hard on her sometimes (I ask for her help alot - but then I do have to work and someone does need to help with the little ones, sometimes).

I try to be nice and let her go places (hang out with her friends, take her to the mall - heck I've had to chauffeur her friends an hour to and from to the mall almost every weekend about a month or so ago).

And yet, I'm public enemy all the time...I merely mention little things that I'm talking out loud and to myself most times and get jumped on - like I need to change the junk mail feature on my email (I wasn't accusing anyone of anything, just simply saying out loud in a normal voice - I need to change the....) and somebody jumped on me and said I DIDN'T TOUCH YOUR STUFF -

Was I talking to you??? What the heck?! Where did my sweet little girl go???

Someone, please tell me when she'll come back! Someone tell Sarah not to grow boobs or ever get hormones!!

Or maybe someone just knock me out for the next however many years until the teen thing is over and I'm not the enemy anymore!!!


Susanne said...

how old is she now? just another phase, her separating herself from you.

This too shall pass!

Charlene Juliani said...

16!!! I know it's just a phase, but it's a long one that I don't really care for, ha.