Thursday, November 25, 2010

My List of Thanks This Year

I'm thankful for the pretty, brand spanking, new dishes that the hubster bought for me....years of marriage and kids have been filled with mismatched dishes, but not this year, baby!

I'm thankful for the Wii, that has distracted my kids for most of the day, "most" being the operative word here.

I'm thankful for my cute Thanksgiving apron.  My clothes don't have flour and crap all over them this year LOL!

I'm thankful for my thriftiness - my home is decorated for Thanksgiving with pretty things I bought from thrift stores and yard sales and re-finished to look fresh and new.  And fun stuff I have bought over the years on clearance and otherwise that make my house look special for the holiday.  Also cute stuff my kids have been making for the past 17 years, that I'm sure will be hanging on the walls when they bring their own children home for the holidays.

I'm thankful for my gorgeous appliances....stainless steel and fancy schmancy, Love you!

I'm thankful for my rolling pin that was given to me by Rich's grandmother.  That woman took me under her wing and taught me everything I know in the kitchen.....I'm sure my husband is thankful for that as well ;)

I'm thankful for the roasting pan that is big enough to hold our 14 pound turkey (and then some)...a gift from Rich's grandma.  It's done me well over the years!

I'm thankful for the new shelves Rich built for my kitchen cabinets....the old ones were warped and falling apart and now I have not only sturdy shelves, but pretty shelf paper to put all my new dishes on.

I'm thankful that Rich only likes to watch two sports on tv...Boxing and Steelers football (only Steelers), so that I'm not stuck watching football all day.  My kids may play alot of different sports (basketball, baseball, wrestling...), but I'm Sooo not a Sports Mom.

I'm thankful for the growth of my blog and for the opportunities companies have given to me to review their products.  And thankful for the friends and family that support it.  Rich who understands how important this is to me and supports my love of doing something special...just for me.

And of course, I'm also thankful for my family and friends, home, God, health, etc....those are a give-in today and anyday.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Crystal said...

Great list! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Empty Nester said...

Awesome list! I'm grateful that Hubs loves football almost as much as I do otherwise, I'd be watching it all day all alone! LOL