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When Suzy, Editor of emailed me about my blog, I was delighted.  She was very friendly and professional and said she could write about anything.  I thought with the approaching cold and flu season, it might be nice to remind folks about easy simple things to do to help keep our children healthy.  For the most part, my own kids very rarely get sick.  And when someone does, it spreads like wildfire in our house.  So, it's great to read some handy tips to keep us all healthy this season.  I'm happy to share this article with all of you as well.   

Here are Suzy's tips........

Cold- and Flu-Free Kids

Three Ways to Keep the Doctor Away this Holiday Season

For most people, the holiday season is filled with happy times spent with friends and family, and even spent outside enjoying all the fun activities that the change in season brings. Unfortunately, winter also brings cold and flu season, and because children are among the most susceptible to catching whatever is "going around" and can be hit hard by cold or flu symptoms, it's crucial that you implement the best child health care strategies for avoiding infection. Here are three ways you can minimize the amount of time your kids have to spend inside stuck in bed instead of outside playing in the snow.

Contain Germs

Whether they are sick or not, remind your children to cover their mouths when they cough, and to use their arm and sleeve rather than their hands when they do so. Try to get them in the habit of washing their hands often and applying a hand sanitizer; sanitizers come in a variety of scents, so finding one your kids like will encourage them to use it. Explain to them that although sharing is nice, sharing sickness is not, so it's better if they don't share food or drinks with their friends at school.

Sanitize Surfaces

Use sanitizing cloths to regularly wipe down surfaces your kids' hands come into contact with often, such as door knobs, telephone receivers, remote controls, computer keyboards and video game controllers. Regularly disinfecting surfaces is an excellent child health rule year round, but it is especially important during cold and flu season.

Get Vaccinated

A flu shot is a safe and smart way to bolster your child's immune system. Child health care professionals strongly recommend taking your children to get a flu vaccination because it can provide them with the added protection they need, and it is perhaps the most effective step you can take to help your child avoid getting the flu all winter.

Remember, these strategies are as valuable for adult health as they are for child health; you can follow them to reduce your risk of getting sick, too. Bonus: that also means reducing the chance that you will pass on a cold or flu to your kids.

Suzy, Editor –

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