Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pillow Love

Rich told me he thought we had enough pillows on our couches for now....that I should "put the thread down and back away from my sewing machine"  He was joking, of course - at least I think he was.

This is coming from the man who keeps buying pillows for our bed.   He likes to make himself a "pillow fort" every night.  He piles pillows all around his body on the bed.  Seriously, we have like ten king sized pillows and 4 standard size pillows on our king size bed.  It's he better not be serious about me sewing too many pillows LOL!  Amanda even bought some fabric so I could make some pillows for her bed.

Here's what I've been busy working on......

Fun, Fun, Fun.....I love my sewing machine!

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Brandy J. said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower! These pillows look AMAZING. Thanks for creating such a fab blog.

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse. Love the pillows!! TFS!!

I just finished a Burda jacket pattern. When you have a moment, come check it out