Thursday, June 16, 2011

fun summer garland

If you want a fun project that the kids can do off and on all day.....this is it.  I saw this posted on Meg's blog and have been wanting to try it ever since.  

Super Easy and So Cute, Not to mention Cheap

Bright and Colorful Garland - perfect summer time decoration


All you need is some paper doiles.  You can use different sizes or all one size.  Walmart has them in the "wedding" aisle of their stores for a couple bucks each.

You also need some watercolor paints.

Less than $10 for a full day of crafty fun.

I say full day, because my kids started painting and then ran off for an hour or so to play.  Came back and painted some more.  Then, Nathan had a ball game so we went to watch him play and when it was over we painted some more.  It literally was an all day project - painting...playing...painting...playing.

(Ack....ignore the hole in Nathan's dirty sock LOL! - My boys are always running around outside in their socks - hence the dirt and the holes).

Later, after they dried, I sewed them all together to make a garland.

And just sew (haha,I know it's cheesy but I just had to...Ok?), we're's not easy sewing paper!

But, it came out cute.

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Emmy said...

That is cute! Though you might have lost me at sewing ..."sew" not my thing :)