Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the Kitchen with Nathan

Nathan has been asking to help me make some goodies lately.

So, we made these Jello Cookies.

Click on the link for the recipe.

We doubled the recipe and they came out so cute and colorful.

The kids kept asking me where the yellow and purple ones were :)

Hmmmm, there's always next time.

Nathan LOVES helping when it comes to baking.

"Mommy, can I crack the eggs?"
"Hey Mom, can I pour the flour in the bowl?"
Mom, how do you turn on the mixer?"

Each time he helps, he gets a little more involved in the process.

Who knows maybe one day Nathan will be a "cake boss" too.


Shell said...

My boys would love something so colorful!

Sandra said...

Make colourul cookies or go for a run...? Make colourful cookies or go for a run...? Yeah, colourful cookies it is! Those look awesome, and my son would LOVE making those too!