Sunday, May 12, 2013

flowers for mom

Nathan and I made this cute fun craft...perfect for Mother's Day.
you will need a little vase or a watering can (we got ours at the Dollar Tree)
water color paints
white paper
brad fasteners
green craft sticks (you can buy them this way or you can paint them green)
green tissue paper
First, paint some designs on the paper.
It's better to cover as much of the paper as possible
Next, cut out various sized circles
Put them in order, smallest to biggest (we did 3-4) for each flower
Punch a hole in the center of the flowers and fasten it with a brad fastener
glue the craft stick to the back
 Put a sheet of tissue paper in the can or vase (to act like grass)
 and then put your flowers into place
Simply Adorable

Nathan wishes you all a very
Happy Mother's Day!