Thursday, October 17, 2013

busy, busy, busy

yadda, yadda, yadda...
i know you heard it before, but wow life is super busy here.
first, rich went to florida to have his surgeon look at his back, because he fell and injured himself and was in severe pain...the doctor said yep, you are going to need surgery.
so, rich came home for about 2 weeks while we waited for the insurance to approve the surgery, then he flew back down there to have the surgery.
and he stayed there (at his mother's) to recover from it, for about two or three weeks...leaving me here to deal with kids, school, activities and more.  i decided that i don't want to be a single parent - ever!
the first time he was there, amanda's new baby kitty lyla died.  i got a phone call at 1 in the morning from amanda screaming hysterically - not a sound that i ever want to hear again, let me tell you (the memory of it is burned into my skull).
burying a pet is not something on my list of parental usually does this one.
we had a little ceremony, complete with candles and words and a moment of silence...all the kids cried for that poor little kitty...i must admit, i was upset too, she was way too young.
then, amanda got another cat.  the kids are all happy when she brings the kitty to visit.
school for me is going well.
i started going to field observations...where i visit a classroom and observe the teacher and the students.  this is way more fun than i ever could imagine.
the ironic part of it is the fact that i started hating school - particularly math in the third grade....and low and behold guess what classroom and teacher I've been assigned to observe???
yep, you guessed it - a third grade math teacher hahhaa - so funny!
i love my mentor teacher though and i really feel like i'm learning a lot, not just about teaching, but about math too - heehee!
study, study, study...homework is taking over - ack!
another fun class that i have to take is "instruction and assessment in prek settings"...this class couldn't be more fun if the teacher tried.  we play, make playdough, cook, draw, paint, play music, etc. all the fun things you would do in a pre-school setting.  now, doesn't that class sound perfect for me? really makes me want to open my own preschool one day and teach the little ones, because we all know how much i love to play and cook and do arts and crafts :)

it's kinda funny when the kids come home and ask me what i did at school that day and i say...i played dress up or i made playdough and played with it.  hehe...what a life, eh?
it's also been a busy sewing season, as it usually is right before the holidays....i have two craft shows coming up and people have been placing orders for aprons as well.  i'm wondering if i'm in over my head here on this venture.  i love the creative aspect, but it can be a lot more time consuming than people realize.  especially during busy seasons.  there are so many things i want to try and make, but there never seems to be enough time for it.  but i can't complain.  one day i know i'll catch up to everything life is throwing my way.
speaking of no time....
i miss my book and craft time with the boys and nathan especially misses it too.  i have so many ideas and no time to get them done.  i hate it.  i just borrowed a bunch of books from the college library to read and craft with and haven't had time to do much of anything with them...we basically looked through them real quick and that was all.  stinky busy will slow down soon right? yeah, i know no such luck with halloween, thankgiving and christmas right around the corner.
and did i mention that i have been writing for another website - sharing my weight loss journey.  yeah, as if i needed more stuff to do.

slow down time....slow down!
oh, and by the way, rich is now home and still recovering, but he feels much much better.  thank you all for the kind messages, love and support and most of all the prayers.  we truly appreciated them.

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